3 - 2 - 1 - We Have Ignition

Wrath of the Falcon has launched!

How's that for a double metaphor? 

Okay, getting back to business. Wrath of the Falcon is in print and is now released on Amazon. It is also available to order through your local book retailer. If you are in my neck of the woods, you can get a copy through me.

And ... if you are in the "way up north" country, you can get a copy of Wrath of the Falcon or any of my other titles at the Cook Timber Days Festival! Yes, folks, you read that right. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Cook, Minnesota, on the weekend of June 10 - 12, you can purchase any of my titles at the Timber Days celebration.

Quantum Mechanics in Writing

Or, How to Never Get Enough Sleep

Let's begin with the known anomalies of physics. I'm not talking about wormholes or parallel universes. Those are inconsequential postulated theories. I'm talking about hard facts that don't line up with the known laws of physics. These abnormalities would include things like toast always falling jelly-side down and the magical attraction white clothing has for pizza sauce and grape jelly.

In writing, the primary physics-bending phenomena is, The amount of time it takes to wrap up a book is inversely proportionate to the amount of time available.

It's absurd. But, sadly, it is the truth. Logically, it seems like all the other steps taken should reduce the end-of-process workload. But it does not.

Then there is the boomerang effect. That is when you throw a ball into a time portal (of course they exist) and it returns through a different portal and smacks you in the back of the head.

The boomerang effect happens with the Boathouse Mouse books, because I write them, and edit them, and change them, and so forth (you get that part). Then I send them to Shawna for illustrating. We try not to have a rigid deadline, because we do not want to force-feed the process. So I don't know when they will actually return.

The odds of a Boathouse Mouse book returning for editorial review at the same time a Kingdom of the Falcon book is being wrapped up is approximately 9.73x10²³ to 1 against such an occurrence. It's like having all the stars in the universe aligning and synchronizing their frequencies. Obviously, that is not possible. But, it happened.

The good news to all of that is, Wrath of the Falcon will be available for purchase June 1st. And Boathouse Mouse, Book 2, The Cat and the River Thames, will be only a few weeks behind that.

Next up, I may write a fiction series on how to get enough sleep.

My Excuse to Write

It all started back in 2006. Our eldest was a little over a year out from her college graduation, and it occurred to me that I had no good ideas for her as a gift. With a seven-second audit of our finances, I was able to determine that we had exactly no money available to work with, so I plunged into "Plan B."

"Plan B" was to write her a family history. It seemed like an innocuous enough plan. Only, my pen did not cooperate. Not even a little. Every time I put the ballpoint close to the paper, that mischievous pen would signal my brain to write something else.

A story idea kept slipping into my mind about a profound, horrifying self-sacrifice by someone to save the life of another. So I set about writing that story. Only, I never got to the aforementioned part in that first book. As it turned out, Blood Trail of the Falcon (Book 1) set off a series of four books written as college graduation gifts for each of my kids.

This past week, we celebrated Josiah's college graduation from Visible Music College. As you can see by the gold tassels, he graduated with honors, and you can also see he received his book, Wrath of the Falcon.

At long last, my story-inspiring event has been put into print. It only took me four books to get it there.

For fun, scroll down and watch the video Josiah made as his graduation self-introduction. Turn up the sound and enjoy the action and the word play.

Wrath of the Falcon

A prince's ransom – his weight in gold!
It is the deceptive promise of easy riches to those who would stoop to villainy at its worst. But to kidnap a prince alive does not happen without fierce resistance.

When evil becomes brutal and the heir is at risk, the king sheds all restraint. Amidst the turmoil, allegiances are betrayed, blood is spilled, and unimaginable sacrifices are made to protect the child of the king.

Wrath of the Falcon is set in the 15th century. It is a fast-paced action adventure where no one is safe and the only thing predictable is the unexpected.

Kingdom of the Falcon Book 4

Available June 1st

An Allegorical Tale

No one ever messed with the old man behind door 749. It was the sparse little room at the end of the hall. And when the door was ajar, it was revealed to be poorly lit by a single dim bulb.

Most of the residents in that squalid corner of harsh reality kept to themselves, and they certainly stayed clear of the end room. Everyone knew the guy who resided there was a hermit, a loner, with no friends and no known connections to anyone. That could only mean one of two things. Either he was alone because he wanted to leave something drastic in the past, or … they all shuddered when considering the alternative. No one dared to ask.

As fate would have it, the alternative was the truth. No one actually asked. It just sort of leaked out. The rumor mills of the underbelly of society have a way of doing that. The dreaded hermit was a writer. And making matters worse, he was a fiction writer.

When the neighboring residents demanded to be moved, the slumlord refused. He knew no one was safe. So he tried to put a positive spin on it. But secretly he harbored the same dread.

Any time a writer takes up a pen and makes a story appear on paper, someone dies, someone becomes a fool, and someone emerges as a hero. And most of those characters get a name. And no one wants to be the name inspiration for the fool!

It was only natural that the inhabitants would try to make themselves scarce when the writer was around. The problem was, they never knew when that door would open and the old man would step through, settle his hat just so on his head, lock his door, and stroll down the hall with a manuscript tucked neatly under his arm. And it seemed the title was only ever barely visible …

On this fateful day, it is: Wrath of the Falcon!  

Quote of the Day

“Preparing for anything, even inescapable calamity, is by far easier on the mind than awaiting it.” - Excerpted from Wrath of the Falcon

It's a dreary winter weekend, such that we have, here in North Carolina. Today I have been working on Wrath of the Falcon, the fourth book in the Kingdom of the Falcon series. Sometimes my fingers surprise me. They type out words that are so profoundly true that I wonder if I should take up writing fiction.

Oh, wait, I am writing fiction. But the truths of life tend to sneak in. In fact, often as not, they are at the foundation of the story.

Well, this was a brief but fun diversion from writing. Now, I'd best get back to my featured presentation. After all, June is coming soon.

How to Become a Superhero in One Easy Step

I don't know how. I'm certainly not one, and I don't know any, either. I suppose you need to be born with some superhuman ability. Maybe if you could fly or breathe under water you would be a good candidate. Obviously, if you are invincible you should be able to sign up for a superhero gig. Otherwise, I've got nothing.

I once knew someone who could burp their ABC's. I don't think that actually qualifies as superhuman anything. But the ability to burp on demand may have some possible health benefits.

Then there are those people who can contort themselves into unnatural shapes. That one could be borderline superhuman, but I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where some dude, or gal, twists up like a pretzel and rescues an Alpine village from an avalanche. Maybe if Earth was to be invaded by aliens that were afraid of pretzels … Like I say, it's difficult to see that one going anywhere.

Quite possibly the closest we mortals will ever come to being superheroes is by just faithfully doing the daily things we need to do. Maybe true superheroes are those people who manage to suspend their self-interest as they give their life away to help others who are in need. Maybe Mother Teresa's habit was really a cape in disguise. What if what we saw of her in public was just the tip of the iceberg?

Mayhap this is some random pointless ramble. Then again, it could be a surreptitious way of introducing the concept of the series of books that will follow the Falcon series.

Wrath of the Falcon is scheduled to be released in June of 2016. I guess there's still plenty of time to speculate on what might be officially announced next.

Stay tuned.