Silent Treason


The night guards were startled by the sudden emerging of a disheveled man from the shadowy doorway. Their pikes snapped into battle position with well-trained precision. It took them a moment to recognize the man and retract their weapons. Lord Evan was normally well-groomed and properly dressed, but at that moment the man standing before them looked as if he had been wrestling all night.

In agitation, the lord snapped, “To the front doors for surprise inspection! Did Captain Bradley not give you the orders?”

The guards exchanged confused glances. “No, sir,” the sergeant responded. He was clearly befuddled by the appearance of the distressed lord. The confused guard involuntarily glanced at the substantial sack partly in the shadows.

The two guards blocking the massive heavily-armored door came to their collective senses, and the sergeant, speaking for both of them, said, “Yes, sir! To the front doors!” Hastily, the two men retreated down the corridor, leaving their distraught master alone.

As the bolt in the lock grated into its place, Lord Evan began to recover from the effects of the potion that had been slipped into his wine. With head pounding, he struggled to free himself from the canvas cocoon that bound him. Sweat burned in his eyes and random memories flitted across his mind. He recalled his wife's words in her delirium. “I fear for you,” was her final parting as the fever claimed her life.

In a panic, the man clumsily fumbled his way out of the sack, only to discover he was behind the door to his own dungeon. In his muddled state, he sat with his back against the great door and wept into his hands.

On the other side of the door, double treason was taking place.

Book 5 in the Kingdom of the Falcon series

Coming Christmas 2017

Wrath of the Falcon

A prince's ransom – his weight in gold!
It is the deceptive promise of easy riches to those who would stoop to villainy at its worst. But to kidnap a prince alive does not happen without fierce resistance.

When evil becomes brutal and the heir is at risk, the king sheds all restraint. Amidst the turmoil, allegiances are betrayed, blood is spilled, and unimaginable sacrifices are made to protect the child of the king.

Wrath of the Falcon is set in the 15th century. It is a fast-paced action adventure where no one is safe and the only thing predictable is the unexpected.

Kingdom of the Falcon Book 4

Available June 1st

Gepetka, Prince of Gypsies


The sound of the battering ram reverberated deep into the chest of the sleeping Gypsy. He sat bolt upright in a cold sweat with breath coming in short gasps and heart pounding in his chest. Gepetka's mind raced as he anticipated the second hit. It never came.

There have always been those whose sense of home is not rooted to a particular place, people whose allegiance is not devoted to a banner. They are their own community, with a sense of purpose that is not fettered to the expectations of their neighbors.

They are true sojourners in life.

They are completely unpredictable.

They are Gypsies … and they are full of surprises.


Gepetka, Prince of Gypsies - the third book in the Kingdom of the Falcon series.

Coming: May 2015