Quote of the Day

“Preparing for anything, even inescapable calamity, is by far easier on the mind than awaiting it.” - Excerpted from Wrath of the Falcon

It's a dreary winter weekend, such that we have, here in North Carolina. Today I have been working on Wrath of the Falcon, the fourth book in the Kingdom of the Falcon series. Sometimes my fingers surprise me. They type out words that are so profoundly true that I wonder if I should take up writing fiction.

Oh, wait, I am writing fiction. But the truths of life tend to sneak in. In fact, often as not, they are at the foundation of the story.

Well, this was a brief but fun diversion from writing. Now, I'd best get back to my featured presentation. After all, June is coming soon.

The Tyranny of Facts

“Weak ink is better than a strong memory in a court of law. Write everything down.” That tidbit of advice was dished out on a regular basis from a man I worked for many years ago in Alaska. He was a retired Alaska State Trooper. That advice has proven to be invaluable many times over the years, especially when it comes to remembering complicated things like passwords.

One place it has not been helpful, however, is writing stories, true stories, like about my past. Once I commit an event or detail to writing, it loses its dynamic nature and can no longer change itself for the convenience of the story. Fact morphology is one of the greatest writing tools available. Hard facts can really cripple a good story. Photographs have the same negative effect. I'm really glad I don't write true stories for a fishing magazine. Or, maybe they don't require too much truth in the stories in those publications.

Fiction writing, on the other hand, is great fun. There are no rules. The writer is free. I can call something historical fiction and the only part about the story that must be factual is the date. And for that matter, it only has to be in the past. Five minutes ago was the past, by the way.

There is, of course, the intentional misrepresentation of facts in writing. In the news, it's called … news. In non-fiction, it's called lying. On my Meet the Author Page, it's called fun. In fact, my page has four “author bio's” to choose from. One of them is pure fiction bordering on fantasy, the other three are actually true. In the interest of not messing up a good story, I'll leave it to your imagination to determine which is which.

Gepetka, Prince of Gypsies


The sound of the battering ram reverberated deep into the chest of the sleeping Gypsy. He sat bolt upright in a cold sweat with breath coming in short gasps and heart pounding in his chest. Gepetka's mind raced as he anticipated the second hit. It never came.

There have always been those whose sense of home is not rooted to a particular place, people whose allegiance is not devoted to a banner. They are their own community, with a sense of purpose that is not fettered to the expectations of their neighbors.

They are true sojourners in life.

They are completely unpredictable.

They are Gypsies … and they are full of surprises.


Gepetka, Prince of Gypsies - the third book in the Kingdom of the Falcon series.

Coming: May 2015