Quantum Mechanics in Writing

Or, How to Never Get Enough Sleep

Let's begin with the known anomalies of physics. I'm not talking about wormholes or parallel universes. Those are inconsequential postulated theories. I'm talking about hard facts that don't line up with the known laws of physics. These abnormalities would include things like toast always falling jelly-side down and the magical attraction white clothing has for pizza sauce and grape jelly.

In writing, the primary physics-bending phenomena is, The amount of time it takes to wrap up a book is inversely proportionate to the amount of time available.

It's absurd. But, sadly, it is the truth. Logically, it seems like all the other steps taken should reduce the end-of-process workload. But it does not.

Then there is the boomerang effect. That is when you throw a ball into a time portal (of course they exist) and it returns through a different portal and smacks you in the back of the head.

The boomerang effect happens with the Boathouse Mouse books, because I write them, and edit them, and change them, and so forth (you get that part). Then I send them to Shawna for illustrating. We try not to have a rigid deadline, because we do not want to force-feed the process. So I don't know when they will actually return.

The odds of a Boathouse Mouse book returning for editorial review at the same time a Kingdom of the Falcon book is being wrapped up is approximately 9.73x10²³ to 1 against such an occurrence. It's like having all the stars in the universe aligning and synchronizing their frequencies. Obviously, that is not possible. But, it happened.

The good news to all of that is, Wrath of the Falcon will be available for purchase June 1st. And Boathouse Mouse, Book 2, The Cat and the River Thames, will be only a few weeks behind that.

Next up, I may write a fiction series on how to get enough sleep.

Move Over Broadway

The big show is coming to town!

I don't know what gets anybody else all excited, but I've had just about the biggest thrill ever. A middle school class has requested permission to make Boathouse Mouse into a play!

How's that for cool?

The teacher asked the students for a favorite children's book to make into a class play. One of the students recommended A New Adventure, A New Name, and the teacher liked it, and … I am ecstatic.

Naturally, I'm holding out for more money.
I'm just kidding there. Of course I have given them permission to make the play. This is the coolest thing ever!

Here's a shout out to Ms. Lori and her 7th grade class. Thank You! This really made my day.

Where in the World is Boathouse Mouse?

That question gets asked of me almost every day. Turns out, Boathouse Mouse is just about everywhere! At least the ability to purchase A New Adventure, A New Name is everywhere.

So here are a few of the simplest sources.

1) Shawna's Etsy store.

2) Amazon. They are everywhere.

3) Your locally owned book store. If you are fortunate enough to have a good book store in your community, please check with them.

And The Winner Is …

Manthom House Books, of San Clemente, California: Come On Down!
You have the distinguished honor of being the first retail bookstore in the world to order A New Adventure, A New Name in The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse series!

On behalf of Shawna and myself, thank you!

Dear friends, if you are in the San Clemente area and looking for a good read, be sure to check out Manthom House Books.

That Awkward Pause

As if the word awkward was not awkward enough ...

After all the publicity and excitement earlier this week, Boathouse Mouse was supposed to be in print by now.
Shawna (of Back to The Drawing Board fame) and I should have had a proof copy each coming our way by now. And to soften the painful waiting period, I had intended to send the story for Boathouse Mouse book 2* to Shawna to help in that insufferable "printing and shipping" interim. I had it all mapped out.

But the proverbial second shoe has not yet dropped.

In fact, none of that has happened yet. We are on pause. Things don't always go as planned. We have encountered a technical difficulty with the printer. It's file size capacity stuff that is a bit boring in real life.

It feels like the organist is playing "Here Comes the Bride" for the tenth time, and everyone is shifting uncomfortably as they wait.

The good news is, we are about to upload! A new service has been signed up. We are verifying final details. And it could possibly happen today! Notice how I hedged that announcement.

My dilemma is: Do I pick up the first shoe and start the whole show over? Or do I proceed directly to the Ta-Da announcement when everything is confirmed?

Either way, Stay Tuned for the big event!

*If you thought I was going to spill the title of Book 2 ... haha!

My Bucket List

It may seem out of character that someone as weird as me has something as mainstream as a bucket list. Now it just occurred to me that possibly a bucket list may not be mainstream. I don't know how to compile that data. In a recent (like two minutes ago) random double blind poll of the residents in my house, we are a 50/50 split. I have a bucket list, my wife does not. Feel free to let me know if you have insight, research, or an opinion on that subject.

Of the more notable things on my list, there are a lot of places I would like to see and adventures I would like to undertake. I would love to cruise around the world and step foot onto each continent from a boat that I built. I would also like to build 100 more boats for missionaries. Obviously, at my age, I may run out of time before I run out of list.

While all that may seem normal enough, maybe my oddest dream is to collect ISBN numbers. Today I registered a fourth one to my collection. I don't actually have a target number, which is also peculiar for me.

What all that means in English is: Let The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse begin!


On the Cusp of Publication

As I wrap up the final draft of Book 2 in The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse, we are coming ever nearer to press time for Book 1. I want to rush Book 1 to print, but the artwork is absolutely masterful and cannot be rushed!

What is so special about the Boathouse Mouse Adventures?
I'm glad you asked.

For starters, the storyline is a delightful journey of discovery through the eyes of Boathouse. His unpretentious, guileless worldview is refreshing as he explores the world in the mid-1800's. He has an ever-replenishing series of adventures and some misadventures along the way. And nothing dampens his curiosity or his sense of wonder.

Those qualities are timeless, priceless, universally applicable, and seemingly in ever-decreasing supply. That's my unbiased soapbox view.

Besides all that, The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse are just plain fun. And, as if all the aforementioned stuff was not enough, um, there are ships. You know, like, with sails.

Ultimately, I am anticipating this publication with the same kind of patience a five-year-old has on Christmas Eve.

Concept to Creation: Boathouse Mouse Comes to Life!

Writing books and stories is fun. Fun to me anyway. In high school, when the teacher would hand out a blank paper and say to write something, I had a blast. I know plenty of people who think that kind of assignment is one step shy of being boiled in oil.

To be fair, there are certain parts of the process that are … less fun. Less, as in, sometimes I pull my hair out trying to remember that perfect rewrite of an unsatisfactory passage that came to me in the shower. But in all, it is a wonderful process.

Writing a children's book has been doubly fun. Because now I have the second pleasure of watching as the artist breathes visual life into my characters. For The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse, I had a vision in my head which I could barely sketch. And Shawna, the artist, has taken my pathetic attempt at illustration and created something amazing.

Lest you think I am being self deprecating, or exercising false modesty, I have included my concept drawing for the cover and overlaid a sample of Shawna's final drawing which is currently in process. The cover concept has morphed a bit, but her picture has taken on a life of its own.

I love it! I love all of the illustrations so far! I don't often feel like a kid, but this has taken me there. Stay tuned for more on the subject, and be sure to stop by Shawna's website to see all of her cool stuff.

Aren't you glad Shawna is doing the art work?