Quantum Mechanics in Writing

Or, How to Never Get Enough Sleep

Let's begin with the known anomalies of physics. I'm not talking about wormholes or parallel universes. Those are inconsequential postulated theories. I'm talking about hard facts that don't line up with the known laws of physics. These abnormalities would include things like toast always falling jelly-side down and the magical attraction white clothing has for pizza sauce and grape jelly.

In writing, the primary physics-bending phenomena is, The amount of time it takes to wrap up a book is inversely proportionate to the amount of time available.

It's absurd. But, sadly, it is the truth. Logically, it seems like all the other steps taken should reduce the end-of-process workload. But it does not.

Then there is the boomerang effect. That is when you throw a ball into a time portal (of course they exist) and it returns through a different portal and smacks you in the back of the head.

The boomerang effect happens with the Boathouse Mouse books, because I write them, and edit them, and change them, and so forth (you get that part). Then I send them to Shawna for illustrating. We try not to have a rigid deadline, because we do not want to force-feed the process. So I don't know when they will actually return.

The odds of a Boathouse Mouse book returning for editorial review at the same time a Kingdom of the Falcon book is being wrapped up is approximately 9.73x10²³ to 1 against such an occurrence. It's like having all the stars in the universe aligning and synchronizing their frequencies. Obviously, that is not possible. But, it happened.

The good news to all of that is, Wrath of the Falcon will be available for purchase June 1st. And Boathouse Mouse, Book 2, The Cat and the River Thames, will be only a few weeks behind that.

Next up, I may write a fiction series on how to get enough sleep.