Thundering Silence

Waiting for a book to come in the mail is like being on a diet. You have to take it one day at a time. I'm sure you have all heard about that guy who went on the Weight Watcher's Diet plan and ate a month's worth in one week. He thought he was going to lose weight four times faster than scheduled. If only it worked like that.

It's the same thing with the mailbox. I can check it as many times a day as I want, but it will not bring the package any sooner. I just have to wait the prescribed number of days.

Staying busy helps. It keeps my overly-imaginative mind occupied with lesser tasks like work, mowing the lawn, eating, and so forth. Those things, however, are temporary remedies at best.

It's too bad the Postal Service does not put GPS trackers on each package. Then I could track the pings on some giant interactive global map, in real time. It would be even more awesome if I could upload a tiny Boathouse Mouse icon that would show up as the blinking light. Maybe he could even alternate pictures with a right foot forward then left foot forward. Although, that may be taking it one step too far.

Fantasy over. Back to reality.

I do have a tracking number. Sadly, the online Postal Tracking Service gizmo does not recognize it. Sigh. It is their own number, generated in their system. I'm not sure why they even bother.

Ultimately, I am relegated to a silent wait.

Sooner or later, without forewarning, we will find a package in the mailbox and it will be Boathouse Mouse.

When I think about it in those terms, it almost sounds like Boathouse is a ninja …

That Awkward Pause

As if the word awkward was not awkward enough ...

After all the publicity and excitement earlier this week, Boathouse Mouse was supposed to be in print by now.
Shawna (of Back to The Drawing Board fame) and I should have had a proof copy each coming our way by now. And to soften the painful waiting period, I had intended to send the story for Boathouse Mouse book 2* to Shawna to help in that insufferable "printing and shipping" interim. I had it all mapped out.

But the proverbial second shoe has not yet dropped.

In fact, none of that has happened yet. We are on pause. Things don't always go as planned. We have encountered a technical difficulty with the printer. It's file size capacity stuff that is a bit boring in real life.

It feels like the organist is playing "Here Comes the Bride" for the tenth time, and everyone is shifting uncomfortably as they wait.

The good news is, we are about to upload! A new service has been signed up. We are verifying final details. And it could possibly happen today! Notice how I hedged that announcement.

My dilemma is: Do I pick up the first shoe and start the whole show over? Or do I proceed directly to the Ta-Da announcement when everything is confirmed?

Either way, Stay Tuned for the big event!

*If you thought I was going to spill the title of Book 2 ... haha!