My Bucket List

It may seem out of character that someone as weird as me has something as mainstream as a bucket list. Now it just occurred to me that possibly a bucket list may not be mainstream. I don't know how to compile that data. In a recent (like two minutes ago) random double blind poll of the residents in my house, we are a 50/50 split. I have a bucket list, my wife does not. Feel free to let me know if you have insight, research, or an opinion on that subject.

Of the more notable things on my list, there are a lot of places I would like to see and adventures I would like to undertake. I would love to cruise around the world and step foot onto each continent from a boat that I built. I would also like to build 100 more boats for missionaries. Obviously, at my age, I may run out of time before I run out of list.

While all that may seem normal enough, maybe my oddest dream is to collect ISBN numbers. Today I registered a fourth one to my collection. I don't actually have a target number, which is also peculiar for me.

What all that means in English is: Let The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse begin!