On the Cusp of Publication

As I wrap up the final draft of Book 2 in The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse, we are coming ever nearer to press time for Book 1. I want to rush Book 1 to print, but the artwork is absolutely masterful and cannot be rushed!

What is so special about the Boathouse Mouse Adventures?
I'm glad you asked.

For starters, the storyline is a delightful journey of discovery through the eyes of Boathouse. His unpretentious, guileless worldview is refreshing as he explores the world in the mid-1800's. He has an ever-replenishing series of adventures and some misadventures along the way. And nothing dampens his curiosity or his sense of wonder.

Those qualities are timeless, priceless, universally applicable, and seemingly in ever-decreasing supply. That's my unbiased soapbox view.

Besides all that, The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse are just plain fun. And, as if all the aforementioned stuff was not enough, um, there are ships. You know, like, with sails.

Ultimately, I am anticipating this publication with the same kind of patience a five-year-old has on Christmas Eve.