Shop Local Saturday

I wish every day was shop local day. I'm not a shopper, but when I do shop, I like to look the person in the eyes when I purchase stuff. That is probably a characteristic of my demographic. In other words, I'm getting old.

The point being, I like the idea of specifically shopping at a local store when possible.

So, you are wondering where to buy my books locally. It's pretty easy.

1) Go to your locally-owned book store. (Most will be in the program.)
2) Ask to order the book, or books, by name or ISBN, or both.
3) Pay and pick up your books in a week or ten days, or whenever they tell you.
4) Wrap the books for their intended recipients and presto - you are a hero!

To make it simple, I have included the titles with their ISBN's below.
Happy Shopping!

A New Adventure, A New Name
By RV Hodge
ISBN 9781682730140

Blood Trail of the Falcon
By RV Hodge
ISBN 9781620307731

Ascent of the Falcon
By RV Hodge
ISBN 9781633183131

Gepetka, Prince of Gypsies
By RV Hodge
ISBN 9781633187054