When Amazon Came Begging

It was quite the stir when the helicopter hovered over our home. The trees are too thick to allow a landing, so the occupants rappelled into the yard. That was when I remembered to mention to my wife that we were getting visitors.

A security guard came down first, then the CEO of Amazon, then another security guard. When the guards had looked around and confirmed border security, someone in the helicopter threw down a duffel bag.
I figured that must be the money.
After a half hour or so of intense negotiations, which consisted mostly of them begging me to put my books on Amazon, we settled on an amount.

That was the point when I woke up from the dream.

The reality is slightly less spectacular, but still very exciting news. The Kingdom of the Falcon Series books are now available through Amazon!
Not only that, we are able to offer them at a better price! My hope is that this improves the accessibility. The links are below.

Blood Trail of the Falcon    Book 1

Ascent of the Falcon    Book 2

Gepetka, Prince of Gypsies    Book 3