Tact, Genes, and a New Website

It seems that my kids have inherited all their tact from me. In my defense, my mother used to say I was as subtle as the back side of an ax. I guess that's pretty blunt. I wonder where I got it from.

For my recent birthday they, my kids, gifted me with a website to replace the masterpiece that I had made. Their assessment of my original site was that it looked like a seven-year-old made it. My defense was, it was simply a platform of communication. They maintained it was in need of professional help.

I gave in with the expectation that it would take some time and that I would be able to head off any overt flashiness or corny animations. The joke was on me, however, as they were already working on it. In fact … it was all but finished.

So with trepidation, I asked how to view it. I almost fell out when they replied: thervhodge.com!

Me: What!? Does that not sound a bit pretentious to anyone?

They: Nope, Dad, it's just cool. That's how many artists identify their officially-sanctioned websites.

Me: … But …

When I nervously typed in the domain name, thervhodge.com, I was greeted with a fantastic surprise. The site is classic, easy to use, and not so serious as to be stuffy. I'm still a bit self-conscious about the name, but you should see it for yourself.

I'm tickled silly about it.

PS. Any pictures that are amazing were taken by my daughter, srochellephotography.com