In the Forge

A bar of iron is thrust, unceremoniously, into a bed of glowing coals. Then, at the precise moment, it is pulled free and shaped with many blows from a hammer. The showers of sparks elicit no sympathy. With strong hands, the smith repeats the process until the blade is properly formed. Then the steel is abruptly quenched. When the edge is ground to a perfectly sharpened weapon, it is polished. Then, and only then, is it presented. There are no shortcuts in the creation of a perfect blade.

Likewise, there are no shortcuts in the creation of a hero.

Book 2 in the Kingdom of the Falcon series is now available!
Just in time for that favorite chair by the fireplace and being transported to a distant place.

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Ascent of the Falcon

Their origins were humble. But their paths were anything but ordinary, for heroes are not born, they are forged in the flames of adversity, and whetted on the stone of endurance.

Ascent of the Falcon is set in the 14th century and tracks the lives and adventures of those who became the heroes of the kingdom.