My 1st Fan Letter!

Dear Ryan,
Thank you so much for the “fan” letter. It was both touching and amusing at the same time.
I had never given thought to having an apprentice. In truth, I never considered I had anything worth offering. That said, I could probably teach you about boat building.
On the subject of being a father, raising children to be adults is unquestionably a team effort with their mother. For my part, I basically fumbled through life trying to figure that one out. With an excellent father of my own, a supportive church family, and nearly thirty years experience at fathering, I'm still not sure I actually did anything right. But evidently the Lord had pity on my (our) feeble attempts and blessed the outcome.
With regard to writing, your letter indicates to me that you have all the qualities necessary to be a writer. You also have made some amazing and unique contributions to your community. I have never heard of anyone else successfully protecting sailors from being accosted by sea-vampires, mermaids, or wear-whales! I wasn't even aware of the existence of some of those dreadful creatures! That's some good stuff there!
I highly recommend you start some sort of blog to archive those ingenious anecdotes and share them with the rest of the world. Please keep in touch and stop in any time you can.
Thank you again for the encouraging words and subsequent conversations. You have certainly enriched my life. Oh, and yes, my mother is amazing as you surmised.