Welcome to Fantasy Island

Some days it feels like my imagination is taking steroids. It seems I can hardly keep up with recording the conceptual outline of stories that are writing themselves in my head. The other day, I had a vivid story come to life in my brain and I had no opportunity to write any of it down. Why? Because I was in the shower. Yeah, that happens all the time. I've thought maybe I should get some waterproof markers for those moments.

Then I had a better idea! The simplicity of it makes the whole idea flawless. All I need is a time warp portal.

Now before you scoff, let me point out that somewhere in the future someone may be dialing this date into their time machine. Think about that the next time you drive by someone dressed funny.

So here's how the time warp portal deal works. First, I get a story while ostensibly occupied. The shower is not the only place that catalyzes my imagination into light speed. In school it happened daily. I hate to mention safety committee meetings, or any of a plethora of painfully boring events, but there are a lot of times when this happens. Sometimes a whole story comes in an instant.

Next, I write what I remember afterwards. Then, I simply ride through that exact time again and again until I have all the details recorded.

You see, simple as promised!

There is really only one complication to the whole plan. I'm one time portal shy of pulling it off. However, I had a fascinating (lucid) dream the other day. It was about time portals and the ability to foray into the past and/or the future. In fact, it was so realistic … maybe it was an actual time warp event! Maybe my imagination is just playing tricks on me. On the other hand, that could explain why I have appeared to age considerably more than my wife. What if … what if I have actually been time traveling all along?

P.S. – This blog has been written today and scheduled to post tomorrow. When you read it, it will have been written yesterday and scheduled to post today. Now think about that time portal again.