Fostering Creativity

You never know what creative talents your children may have tucked away in the back of their DNA. I think fostering their creativity is imperative to their development. It is also important to note that projecting your creativity on your kids is not the same as fostering theirs. That said, at times it can be difficult to tell if you are forcing a square peg into a round hole, or keeping your kids on task.

One such experience in our home was with our daughter, Rochelle. I'm not sure if she was emulating her big sister, choosing the least offensive option, or had a passing interest in playing violin. But somehow in her growing years, we connected her with a used violin, a good teacher, and lessons to make it happen.

The result was that she actually got decent with the violin. She followed through the prescribed training and played the obligatory performances. But she was not in love with the violin.

When her required training was completed, she asked if she could trade in the violin for a different instrument. No doubt, at the time, we wrestled with that decision. Undoubtedly, we wondered if that was just going to be her next muse. Ultimately, we agreed.

Rochelle sold the violin and bought a camera.

You can be the judge, but at our house, we've never looked back. I have included a link to her website. And you will miss a treat if you do not watch the video. The video was made by our son-in-law, Stephen. The model is our oldest daughter, Vanessa. And the score was composed and recorded by our son, Josiah.