A Sneak Look at Boathouse Mouse

All the writing gurus say steer clear of collaborative work as it can cause bad feelings, and worse, take away some of your profit margin. To me, that seems like a shallow way to live life. Meanwhile, I have this series of children's books growing in my head and in my computer.

Every day that I work on the series, I become more enamored with The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse. I knew early on that Boathouse Mouse needed an artist to love him into existence with pictures the way I do with words.

When I asked Shawna if she would be willing to do the illustrations for the series, I'm not sure she had any idea what was coming. I didn't either. But she was a trooper and jumped in. I've never regretted that decision. Shawna has drawn my words into life. I love what she is doing, and I am out-of-my-mind excited about releasing this book!

Here is a shameless teaser of one of Shawna's color test pieces.