What is it About September

A lot of things begin anew in September. When I was a kid, September made me think about the start of school. I was extremely introverted, so the aspect of making all those fun social connections never crossed my mind. However, the anticipation of getting new shoes to wear to school was a pretty big deal, at least it was for this poor kid.

In high school, I was still an introvert, but I tried to overcome it by being cool. That attempt flopped and I turned out to just be weird. Truth is, I am still socially challenged. But I digress.

The real anticipation of September in my northern Minnesota, farm boy, teen years meant the beginning of hunting season. It meant the end of hay making season. It began the season of colors in the trees and frost on the grass. The air became crisp and the forests became accessible. And, there were no more ticks for the season.

Nowadays I live in North Carolina. My kids are all grown and September means less. The trees here are more patient and wait for October to turn colors. Which begs the question, what is it about September? That question deserves an answer.

The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse is slated to be released in September!

WooHoo! Hold on! Before we do a victory dance, let's catch our breath and take a look at the schedule. There is no actual schedule. We are working on excellence with this book and this series. Shawna is also working around being a mom and wife. Hence, September is more of a guideline than a deadline.

So, we shall all wait patiently, whilst keeping a weather eye on Back to The Drawing Board for clues about what is coming.

I do think it is safe to put The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse: A New Adventure, A New Name, on your Christmas shopping list.

Please stay tuned.