It Must Be In The Water

I'm not entirely certain that I have ever fit in anywhere. It seems that my sense of humor and ever-driving imagination are not the same as my fellow humans. To be honest, I don't muse on that subject very often. But there are times when my starkly different take on life is undeniable. I really don't know why.

I have been “diagnosed” as autistic, but by a friend who is not qualified to make that kind of assessment.
I have been accused of being from another planet. That's just silly. I remember, from an early age, my parents sitting us down and assuring us we were from this planet. They also insisted we keep our antennae combed into our hair. I'm just kidding here, of course. Or, maybe not. Wink-Nudge.
I have been accused of just being weird. That may well be the case.
But the most likely scenario is that there is something in the water. It has happened so often that I was lulled into believing it was a normal occurrence. Tonight while I was in the shower, a whole new book series came to me. This happens to me on a semi-regular basis. I now have about thirty more books to write. At my age, I had better get on the ball.

Fear not. This past weekend, I was hard at work on Book 5 in the Kingdom of the Falcon series. Ransom of the Falcon will be released … when I get it finished. I wish I had a better date to offer at this point, but I do not.

Stay tuned and I will report as things heat up. Meantime, the plot thickens!