My Secret Identity

In my other life, my day job life, I am a secret agent. Well, maybe that is stretching the description a bit. I am actually a crew foreman at Jarrett Bay Boatworks in Beaufort, North Carolina. It's sort of like being a secret agent. The business of building large luxury sport-fishing yachts is rather mysterious.

What makes it mysterious is ... I'm not really sure. It seems all so familiar to me. But when I take family or friends into the shop for a tour, they seem to think it's amazing. All we do is take a giant pile of lumber and epoxy and fiberglass and turn it into a big boat. It is pretty cool.

So, you may be wondering why I am posting about my day job on my writer's blog. Well, it so happens that we (Jarrett Bay Boatworks) were awarded the North Carolina Manufacturer of the Year award. The video here is my boss being interviewed about it. Most of the shop shots are of my crew in action.

I just thought it might be interesting to you all as well.