A Touch of Class

If you know me, you know I am about as practical as a nickel in a piggy bank. In my world view, clothing protects me from the elements and from embarrassment. Consequently, I identify clothing in two categories: dirty clothes, which go into the hamper; and clean clothes, which come out of the drawer. And for the record, I do help with the laundry.

My daughters seem to think my fashion sense is something between a Depression-Era hobo and Robinson Crusoe. I think maybe they overly dramatize my propensity to opt for comfort over fashion.

None of that actually matters at this moment. The shirts that we had monogrammed for our public appearances are classic, comfortable, and acceptable for going out in public. Yes, my wife made the decisions, with strong hints, about style and color. I did, however, come up with the wording. I suppose that would stand to reason.

Anyway, we will be at the Oriental Boat Show April 21-23. Come out and see us there. I think we might even look better in person.

We may look like a wreck in the wind and sun, but we promise we do not bite. 

We may look like a wreck in the wind and sun, but we promise we do not bite. 

Introducing Inkling Publications

Coming Very Soon!

Inkling Publications will offer onsite retail sales, and a wholesale connection, for my readers and vendors. I am muddling my way through this construction project as I learn how this all works in the cyber-universe. I hope to have the page linked up within a week or two and be live for action by mid-April!

More News coming. Stay tuned!