Boathouse Mouse Is Running a Little Late

Like a warm cup of coffee on a damp, cold morning … in the hands of a stranger!

I am exceedingly excited to announce that, A New Adventure, A New Name, Book 1 in The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse, looks amazing!
I am not so happy to share that we had a page spacing error that slipped by us in the digital format stage.

Unfortunately, it will be a few more days before Boathouse Mouse is available for purchase. We are so close. In fact, as you read this, the amended file is being uploaded and processed. Unless, of course, you are reading this later. If that was confusing you should check out my blog post about time portals. Welcome to Fantasy Island

We will get there. I kind of feel like a kid waking up with all the anticipation of Christmas Day only to discover it is actually Christmas Eve.
Stay tuned.