The Regal Lady

A lifetime of service to her family, community, church family, and around the world, has distinguished Mrs. Carolyn as a sterling example of faithfulness.

I'll mention just a few of her life experiences here. I don't want to cut into her own book.

She and her husband, Colon, served as missionaries in Ghana, Africa, when their children were quite young. Later, she held down their temporary home in Taiwan while her husband served as an agricultural ambassador in Vietnam. Again, their children were along for the journey.

Her life adventures began on a humble farm in North Carolina and, like a true sojourner, she has traveled where necessary and endured many hardships with grace and dignity. You just don't find many people like that any more.

Mrs. Carolyn and her late husband have always been known for their modest lifestyle and deep generosity. Through the years they touched the lives of many people.
And it is my distinguished privilege that she chose to purchase a copy of Book 1 in The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse – A New Adventure, A New Name.

Thank you Mrs. Carolyn Godwin. You are loved and admired by many.