She Took Me by Surprise

She's a beauty, she's coming my way, and I wasn't even watching. Turns out, Florence came into my life at just the right time. 


I've been way too busy lately. But I have been pondering what kind of contest to do next for a book give away, and then Florence waltzed in.

Florence, also known as Hurricane Florence, stumbled onto my radar, and that's sort of the same thing as waltzing. Trust me, if you have ever seen me waltz, you would agree.

I don't actually love hurricanes, but we have this tradition in North Carolina of having a hurricane party after all the preparations are completed. It's really a way to pass the time when it's too nasty to go out. I'm not a particularly fun guy, so my idea of a party is a cup of coffee and a movie. Naturally, we have to get the movie in before the power goes out.

So, here's the contest. Guess which movie I have chosen for the hurricane party? (I have already made my selection.)

First correct guess wins a free copy of TIME ZONE as soon as it is released. (That is expected to be in October.)

Post your guess on the Facebook page RV Hodge Author, so I can keep track.

Hint: If it seems obvious, it is wrong.