A Timely Repost

(I posted this as a blog some time ago. Ironically, I don't remember how long ago it was, but it seems timely now.)

I am a Time Traveler

I have mastered the physics! So far I can travel forward in time at 60 seconds/minute! I have worked out the illusion of faster, and slower, forward time travel as well. But I'm still stumped on going back in time. I know that's where the big money will be waiting.

Conventional wisdom claims that time is money. Jim Croce sang about time in a bottle. And if I believe the Rolling Stones, time is on my side. In my experience, however, time is not money, you can't get time in a bottle, and time is not on my side! In fact, it seems to be working against me more each day.

I am, by nature, an extremely goal-oriented person. This characteristic sets me up to routinely miss the journey, as it is said, on the way to the destination. Being goal oriented is of itself not evil. However, in my case, it is undoubtedly unbalanced. It is a continuous struggle to keep my “to-do” list from ruling my life. I suspect others have the same difficulty.

So, what is the point of my little ramble here? Maybe it is to remind myself of the permanence of past time and the uncertainty of future time. Ultimately, for every minute that ticks by, we get to choose how to spend it. Actually, we have to choose how to spend it. There is no such thing as saving time. Unfortunately, there is a lot of “everything else” that simply takes up our time.

I want to encourage everyone to intentionally spend their time on things that will have a lasting value. Choose wisely. Don't waste time trying to go back in time, but intentionally value the time of now.

With that resolved, where would you want to go if you could get a free time machine ticket into the past?

(Stay tuned for more time-travel related posts ... )