You Are Cordially Invited To Join The Party

In a world where division seems to be the trend, I would like to include you all in my party.

Adventuring With Boathouse Mouse is more than posting your selfie online. It's about discovering the joys of discovery. It's about helping your kids discover the joys of discovery. And it's about sharing those joys in a simple way. And you get all that without being egocentric. Plus it's pretty fun.

Seriously. Most of our lives are spent racing from one responsibility to the next. Even if those are desirable events, we have lost the sense of wonder beyond a passing muse, because we are hurried. It's no wonder the world seems angry all the time. We're all running late for something.

You may be yelling at your screen, as you check the time, “So tell me how to do this already!”

It's really simple.
Step 1 – Take a selfie or snap a photo of your child(ren) with any of the Boathouse Mouse books near something or some place that is interesting. It could be your barn, the local creek, your library, a “welcome to the state” sign, the school bus stop on day one, your aquarium, a beautiful tree, or the Eiffel Tower. The point is, there is something amazing everywhere.

Step 2 – Share it on the Facebook page, Adventures of Boathouse Mouse, with a brief description of where you are, and be sure to hash tag #AdventuringWithBoathouseMouse.

Step 3 – Return to your life of discovery.

As it turns out, it's not all that difficult.
I look forward to seeing all the places Boathouse will go. Your picture(s) could end up on our Adventure Scrap Book Page.
P.S. If you do not have any of the Adventures of Boathouse Mouse books, your life is sadly incomplete. However, there is a simple remedy. You can get your copies here.