Seeing Double!

Write here...

This will be the third year running that we have a vendor's booth for our boat mission work at the Oriental Boat Show. But I'm certain you all know that we don't ever quite channel normal, and this year is no exception. So, we will also have a vendor's booth at the same boat show for Inkling Publications!

At this moment you may be thinking – RV, you've lost your grip on reality. The Oriental Boat Show is a … is a boat show.

An excellent observation, to be certain. However, Inkling Publications is now the official retail/wholesale distributor of my books. And Boathouse Mouse Adventure #3 is slated to be hot off the press just in time for the boat show. After all, what venue could be better for our public debut of Boathouse Mouse Adventures than a boat show?

By the way, we will have all of my titles there, so no worries.

Now, getting back to the blog's title assertion, you may notice a dual set of announcements on social media sites about the boat show. To demystify these apparently cloned blog posts, we will indeed have two booths. We were told they can be side by side. If the organizers can pull that off, that would be amazing. I certainly hope the two booths are at least in sight of each other.

And I surely hope to see you there.