R&R: See, I Can Do It Too

It's been a long and busy week, so this afternoon I have been relaxing. Rest and Relaxation is something I have not yet mastered. However, today I actually sat down when the sun was shining and rested ... for a minute. Then I started writing. Which is sort of like relaxing. Except it's more like relaxing with a purpose.

Anyway, wherever the technical jargon lands us in this rather one-sided conversation, I find writing refreshing. And that is a lot like relaxing, except that I don't snore while I'm writing.

So, today's adventure is something I'm working on for my grandchildren. The tentative title is Giants on Troglodyte Mountain. It is proving to be a lot of fun, and I am hoping to have a beta draft to share with the kids by Christmas Eve. I hope it's not too far over the little one's heads. If so, I'm confident they'll catch up sooner than later. 

This is RV signing out. I'm off for a few more minutes of R&R before heading to bed.