Time, Relativity, and Other Things Not Normally Related to Writing

It seems that I have, on numerous occasions, crossed into some kind of time warp, hyper-reality, or perhaps a parallel universe. I don't actually seek these pan-dimensional anomalies, but they tend to find me. So, as I reveal my heretofore secret superpower, you must realize you are getting a glimpse into an unknown world, the world that exists inside my head.

My nerd friends are all well aware that Time shares a relational perspective with Energy and Matter. It's as if they are intrinsically bonded together, yet each struggling for a greater market share of the equation. That's a metaphor summarizing Einstein's theory of relativity. It's also a pretty bad butchering of some brilliant science, but we're not too worried about that here.

What happens to me on these occasions of time surfing, if you will, is that in the measurable present time frame I sort of write a book. It's all in my head, but it can happen during the eight to ten minutes it takes me to shower. It can happen as I drive to work, or when I view an interesting artifact, or even when I am engaged (supposedly) in a conversation with someone. It's like my mind races off and does its thing and my body is stuck in real time.

I guess I'm glad I don't age that rapidly. That nasty little process is going fast enough as it is.

Here's the kicker, it takes months to put that ten-minute lucid "day dream" onto paper. It would be a great trick if I could write it as fast as it comes in. But at that speed the keys on my computer would melt down or even burst into flames.

So, the moral of the story is, there really is science to writing. It's just in an uncharted zone. Or, maybe that zone has actually been well studied and is part of a giant government cover-up. Or, maybe that hyper-reality is being monitored by nefarious powers who are preparing to use it as a portal to invade and subdue our planet. Or, perhaps there is a parallel reality that is accessible only to a limited few with superpowers ... and I'm one of them.

Or ... it could just be all in my head. But even at that, I just got three new stories.