1 Cup Ice Water

That sounds like an ingredient in a recipe. The truth is, it was the only ingredient in a recipe for disaster!

Maybe disaster is too strong a word here. But it surely seemed disastrous when it was happening.

It all started out innocently enough. My wife and I were having a relaxing Friday evening date. The plan had been to catch an early-ish supper, then go to the newest Star Wars movie.
Naturally, we were were running late. Late enough that the relaxing part of the evening had been displaced by a frantic rush to town. We decided on the fly to get burgers on the run, so we took a quick detour through a well-known franchise drive-thru.
We don't drink sodas, so we both ordered cups of water with our meals, and that's the part where the situation went south. As I attempted to transfer the first cup of ice water to the cup holder in the car's console, the lid popped off and the whole mess went down into my lap. When the cup went down, I went up into the limited air space of my wife's little Hyundai. I believe I did some impressive contortions that could have won me a position with the Peking Acrobats. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough. Just as a reminder, we are having a cold snap here, and a glass of ice water poured into one's lap and pooling on the seat is not a pleasurable experience.

Meanwhile, as I was getting doused in cold water, the attendant handed me the next cup of water and … no. No, I did not repeat that performance. He must have noticed the subtle look of consternation on my face as it was smashed against the headliner of the car. I declined the water, and he changed his offering to a handful of paper towels.

We swept the ice out the door and blotted what we could of the water, but I was thoroughly soaked. And I was cold. But it was much better than just that. When I got out of the car at the theater, it looked for all the world to see like I had a different kind of disaster altogether. Ruefully I noted that I would have at least been warm under those circumstances.

Thankfully, the place was not crowded and no one was within noticing range. Blue jeans dry slowly, so I was cold during half of the movie. But by the end, I was dry and no one ever even knew. I did, however, take away some deep wisdom from that experience.
First, no one notices or cares about the majority of what you do. And second, the next time we get something at a drive-thru, I'll let my wife drive.