But When I Do

I don't always do reviews of other people's books,
But when I do,
They're likely to be written by my mom.

I really enjoyed the book Rosie: Sheriff Rose at Piker Ridge.
In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't actually read the book. My dear wife read it aloud as I drove.

No spoilers, so here is all I can tell you about the book: It is set in 1869. It has bad guys and good guys and quite a few twists to figure out which are which.

The town council of Piker Ridge figured that they had simply hired Rosie and his Colt Revolving shotgun; but they found that they had hired a man who was full of surprises.

Rosie figured that Piker Ridge was just another lawless town that needed a tough sheriff. What he discovered was a lawless town riddled with dark secrets and deadly surprises.