Your Last Schilling

If you are gift shopping for a long list of people and you are down to your last schilling, you might consider going into seclusion for a few weeks. Otherwise, if your budget is in decent shape, and you need six wonderful gifts to complete your mission, look no further.

For those readers in your life who do not have to be spoon-fed in their literature digestion, there is the Kingdom of the Falcon series. These are reality-based 14th century action adventures.

For those young readers, and those who are young at heart, let me introduce The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse. These are delightfully illustrated adventures on the sea. Books 1 and 2 are currently available. For the record, there will be ten more books in this series. Our little adventurer is traveling around the world.

There are several outlets from which you can purchase these books. If you are local, or would like to have the books signed, I have a supply of both series. Contact me here.
Shawna, the illustrator, has the Boathouse Mouse adventures.
The Jarrett Bay Ship Store has copies of the Boathouse Mouse adventures in both their Beaufort, NC, and Raleigh, NC, stores.
Some bookstores have special-ordered them.
Naturally, Amazon has all of the books.
Be sure to order soon to avoid the last minute rush.