When the Internet is Smarter Than Me

I posted a blog last Sunday and, because the internet is considerably smarter than me, you probably missed it.

You see, I titled the blog boathousemouse.com, and the ingenious technology that makes all this stuff talk back and forth instantly said,"Ta-Da! Here you are at your destination!" But it slipped right past the blog.

So, let's try this again: 

I am reasonably certain that most of you have been losing sleep wondering when boathousemouse.com would become a live entity. Well, I'm happy to report that you can sleep easy now.

Yes, my friends, boathousemouse.com is now in action. Actually, it is currently just a link to the page in my website that has the first book. Just as an aside, that page will have Book 2 very soon.

But the LTPZCWD, or Long Term Planning and Zoning Commission for Web Development, for short, has a big vision for that link. It's a committee of one. Me.

My plan is to put up a map to track the travels of Boathouse Mouse. There will be some interactive trivia questions about places Boathouse visits. (Don't tell the kids, but they will accidentally be learning stuff.) There will be a recipe box so the readers can experience all the wonderful, and some less wonderful, foods Boathouse tastes as he travels the world over. And, there will be a scrapbook so the readers can submit photos of Boathouse Mouse in cool locations all around the world!

I have a few more ideas that will be integrated into that page, but, I don't currently know how to do the tech part of them yet. We will just have to be satisfied with one step at a time.

So, try the link. Let me know if there are any problems with connectivity. And get ready for Book 2.