The Secret Life of RV Hodge

The house lights go down and the audience's indiscernible din of chatter suddenly becomes a collective cheer.

Then, as if on cue, there is intense silence.

The anticipation is explosive.

The spots suddenly illuminate the platform and the show begins!

The crowd goes wild! The noise is deafening!

Are we at a rock concert?

No! It is so much better than that! It's a collaborative duet!

The two performers yank the veil, revealing the book cover.

Shawna and RV play the audience like a reunion of ageless rock stars …

The Real Life of RV Hodge

I am excited to reveal the the delightful collaborative work of myself and the very talented Shawna Apps! Here is a sneak preview of the cover of the first book in a series of children's stories!

I hope you all love it and will share this with your friends who have children or grandchildren. Please stay tuned for more announcements.

Be sure to check out Shawna's other work as well.