Introducing Boathouse Mouse

Ladies and Gentlemen! It is my distinguished pleasure to introduce to you <pause for dramatic effect> Boathouse Mouse!

A New Adventure, A New Name is now available for purchase through your local bookstore!

He was an ordinary mouse, much like any other mouse who was raised in a boathouse. He loved his job building boats. When the beautiful trade schooner Wanderer was finished, the little mouse had to make the decision of a lifetime. Wanderer was going to sail off to who-knows-where.
Would the mouse from the boathouse stay home with his family and friends?
Or would he jump on the ship and have an adventure?

A New Adventure, A New Name
Book 1 in the series The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse.

24 pages delightfully illustrated   List $9.99

Available for purchase through your local book retailer.