Hot Adventures in the Snow

I love to travel. It is not that I dislike home, in fact, I love to be home as well. But, my roots do not dig deep anywhere I go. Consequently, I am always curiously peeking over the horizon and looking for something amazing. In a way I am somewhat of a modified Gypsy. It is probably a terrible character flaw, but I thrive on adventure.

That said, on our recent visit to a snow-covered state, we encountered something amazing, all right. I'm pretty sure we experienced a rift in the laws of physics. Now, I don't fall for marketing gimmickry about products that boast too-good-to-be-true claims. I never share those Facebook scams that promise a new car if a person gets enough “Likes.” I am pragmatic to a fault, even cynical at times, so you will not catch me making unrealistic claims about anything.

So what is this remarkable physics-bending event, you wonder? It is a blanket! We found a blanket that generates heat out of cold air! Not possible, you say? I have slept under said blanket. We're talking Upstate New York here. It is cold! Yet, within a few minutes under the mystery blanket, I felt like the little red button would pop out of my side like the one on the turkey!

The blanket itself seems innocuous. It appears to be of the fleece variety and has a picture of elephants on it. Nothing special to report there. Yet somehow it cooks me. Maybe it has fibers of woven uranium, but I suspect that would be seriously regulated by some agency.

I doubt it has any “special” powers. It does not fly around or anything like that. Good thing too, because that might freak me out.

It may have to remain a mystery, but, after living in the South for eleven years, I am a little jealous. I rarely get that warm in the winter in North Carolina, and it feels nice to be warm all the way through. It just strikes me as unfair that I must travel almost to Canada to really warm up at night.

I wonder if my hosts will miss that blanket …